Omnivox FAQ

Omnivox FAQ

1. How can I find out if my class has been cancelled?

Click on “Cancelled classes” to find out which classes for the day have been cancelled. You can
also opt to have the College contact your cell phone if your class has been cancelled – simply click on “Personal File” and activate the automatic “Notification in case of class cancellation.”

2. Does the College send me other information?

Yes! Under “Documents and messages intended for you” you will find notices and instructions
issued by the College for your information. Check this section often! If a new document is
posted, you will be alerted by the yellow box in the top right corner of your Omnivox home page
(“What’s New?”).

3. How do I find out about registration for the next semester?

Click on “Documents and messages intended for you” for instructions (and deadlines) on how to
submit your course preferences and how to retrieve your schedule.

4. How can I print out my schedule?

Click on “Course Schedule Inquiry” to see/print your current schedule. During the registration
period, you must view your schedule to confirm your registration.

5. How can I request a locker?

Once you have retrieved your schedule through “Course Schedule Inquiry” you can click on
“Lockers” to request a locker, check your locker number and find out who your locker partner is.
If you have not requested a partner when you request a locker, a partner will be assigned to you.

6. Where can I find my grades/R-score?

To print out an unofficial list of your grades, click on “Léa, the Omnivox Classroom.” On the left
side, click “Grades,” then “Summary of Grades” to see your current semester’s results. If you
wish to see a transcript with all of your courses you have taken to date, from “Grades” click on
“Statement of Final Grades.” You will also find your R-score on your “Statement of Final

7. Where can I find my course outlines?

Click on “Léa, the Omnivox Classroom.” Choose a semester (drop-down menu), then click on
“Course Documents.” Click on “Summary of documents” and then choose your course outline.

8. How can I access my course assignments?

Click on “Léa, the Omnivox Classroom.” Click on “Assignments” and choose the appropriate
one. Make sure that you have chosen the proper semester!

9. I am moving – how can I inform the College of my new address/telephone number?

Click on “Personal file” and edit your main or secondary address, your phone number and/or
your email address.

10.How can I print out my tax receipts for the year?

Click on “Personal file” and make sure to enter your Social Insurance Number (SIN). In
February, you can click on “Tuition tax receipts” and print them out when preparing your tax

11. How can I get a message to my teacher/lab partner/locker mate?

Click on “Mio” – or, Messaging in Omnivox. All you need to do is type in the teacher’s or
student’s name and then send them your message. MIOs can be sent while in “Léa, the
Omnivox classroom” too. If a new MIO is sent to you, you will be alerted by the yellow box in
the top right corner of your Omnivox home page (“What’s New?”).

12.Is it possible to pay my student semester fees online?

Yes! When it is time to pay your semester fees, click on “Payment Centre.” You will be able to
make your payment with a credit card. Of course, you can always make payments in person at
the Registrar’s Office (F-103) by credit, debit, cheque or cash.

13.I am looking for a job – can Omnivox help?

Yes! Click on “Placement Service” for a list of available positions off campus. You can also check
with Student Services for more listings.

If your question is not listed on this document, please visit the Registrar’s Office (F-103) and the staff will be happy to help you