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iLead Leadership Program

The iLEAD leadership program was developed based on the Social Change Model which uses an inclusive values-based approach to leadership development. The I-LEAD program was therefore designed to offer you; the student, a variety of opportunities to explore and develop your own personal leadership potential. The I-LEAD program is designed to be accessible to you regardless of whether you are currently in a leadership role on campus or have had leadership experience in the past.

The I-Lead program identifies leadership development from three different perspectives as outlined by the Social Change Model.

  1. The Individual: Develop consciousness of “self” by knowing oneself, or to be more self-aware and mindful. The development of this value is fundamental to realizing all other values in the model.
  2. The Group: Foster a collaborative leadership process to effect positive social change.
  3. The Community/Society: Understand that leadership development transcends to result in better social relations within communities, across societies and on a global scale. Learning to approach differences with an integrative and collaborative philosophy.

The connections among these three levels can be illustrated schematically in figure 1.

In essence, the I-Lead program offers a “values-based” approach to leadership development that differs from the traditional view that there are leaders and followers. “The ultimate aim of leadership development programs based on the proposed model would be to prepare a new generation of leaders who understand that they can act as leaders to effect change without necessarily being in traditional leadership positions of power and authority.” (Higher Education Research Institute (Social Change Model of Leadership (3rd ed Los Angeles: Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA, 1996, p. 12)

What can the iLead Leadership Program offer?

The I-LEAD program offers you a rich array of leadership skills building opportunities geared towards experiential learning through workshops, leadership seminars, leadership retreats, student competitions, mentorship and leadership groups.

The leadership training workshops and seminars are designed to enhance self-knowledge and leadership competence. Leadership workshops and training seminars address themes such as self-awareness, communication skills building, conflict resolution, understanding group development and dynamics, public speaking, inspiring others, leading a project, Identifying your own leadership style to name a few.

What type of recognition can I get for being part of iLead?

Through your involvement in the leadership program, you will have the opportunity to receive a leadership certificate at the Student Engagement Gala as well as a mention at the Graduation ceremony.

You will also be eligible to have these hours of involvement recognized on your official student transcript under student engagement.   Criteria: Student must demonstrate involvement in the iLead program as well as outreach activities on and off-campus throughout their college experience.

How Can I Join?

You must first join a leadership group on campus as the experiential learning component of the program. Through outreach activities and programming on and off campus, you will have an opportunity to implement the leadership competencies learned and apply them within a team context. By being part of a team you will learn to navigate group dynamics in effort to effect change on a larger scale all while creating a sense of community with your peers. In summary, leadership groups will allow you to impact your learning on all three spheres of the Social Change Model.

Review the comprehensive list of involvement opportunities and reach out to the leadership group of your choice by accessing the Student Involvement Opportunities document located on our Champlain Saint Lambert website under Student Life.

For general inquiries regarding our iLead Program, please MIO Wantia Jones.