Dean’s List

The Dean’s List recognizes the academic excellence of Champlain College Saint-Lambert students who carry a full course load and who maintain an average of 90% or above in a given semester. Congratulations to the following students.


Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Dean’s List – Fall 2017

Alhaeik, Kasem Social Science: Commerce
Al-Hayek, Zena Social Science: Commerce
Assalian, Sarah Social Science: World Studies
Atchison, Thomas Sport Marketing
Barrette-Vanasse, Louis Computer Science and Mathematics
Bastien, Anne Health Science
Beaudoin, Rachel Health Science
Bergeron Parenteau, Alice Health Science
Bergeron, Alexandria Health Science
Bernstein, David Pure & Applied Science
Bilodeau-Chagnon, Félix Pure & Applied Science
Boulanger-Tremblay, Léonie Social Science: Commerce
Bourque Touikan, Camille Digital Arts and New Media
Buteau, Maxime Pure & Applied Science
Camiré, Alexandre Health Science
Carrière, Olivia Social Science: Criminology
Chen, Michael Health Science
Chicoine, Marie Social Science: Commerce
Chung Kwet Young, Valérie Health Science
Collette, Sara Social Science: Commerce
Constantineau, Kevin Pure & Applied Science
Courdi, Clémentine Social Science: Choice
Couturier Caron, Béatrice Social Science: World Studies with Math
Dallaire, Megan Social Science: Education
d’Anjou, Valérie Health Science
De Iure-Grimmel, Tristan Pure & Applied Science
Desmarais-Bérubé, Yannick Pure & Applied Science
Drolet, Antoine Pure & Applied Science
Dubé, Laurie-Pier Social Science: Commerce
Duchesne, Madeleine Social Science: Criminology
Dufour, Rachel Social Science: Criminology
Duranleau, Éléonore Health Science
Elie, Marianne Social Science: Commerce
Farias Tousignant, Lucas Digital Arts and New Media
Feher, Andreea Social Science: Criminology
Forest-Bilodeau, Acalia Social Science: Choice
Fortin, Hannah Law and Civilization
Franceschini, Elizabeth Social Science: Criminology
Francoeur, Quynh-Ly Social Science: World Studies
Fraticelli, Guillaume Social Science: Commerce
Frigon, François Social Science: Commerce
Gagnon Dragon, Lukas Law, Civilization and Mathematics
Gamache, Méghane Health Science
Gariépy, Jérémie Social Science: Education
Gauthier, Charles Pure & Applied Science
Georgiades, Simon Computer Science and Mathematics
Giard-Gauthier, Charles Pure & Applied Science
Giner-Morency, Thomas Pure & Applied Science
Gonzalez-Marin, Alejandro Pure & Applied Science
Goorachurn, Nadya Social Science: Criminology
Gorea, Isabela Adelina Health Science
Grenier, Sarah Social Science: World Studies with Math
Guay, Hélène Health Science
Ha, Buu-An Health Science
Handfield-Raymond, Samuel Social Science: Commerce
Hotte-Meunier, Adèle Social Science: Criminology
Huang, Jia Wei Tourism Management
Jauvin Beaulieu, Alexandre Social Science: Commerce
Klingenberg, Trevor Sport Marketing
Lagacé, Maxime Health Science
Lambert, Laurie Social Science: Choice
Langer, Celeste Social Science: Criminology
Langlois, Heidi Law and Civilization
Lapierre, Anne-Sophie Health Science
Latourelle-Vigeant, Hugo Computer Science and Mathematics
Lavoie, Florence Law and Civilization
Lebel, Frédérique Social Science: Criminology
Lee Yam Seng, Sissy Jade Health Science
Legault, Vincent Social Science: Choice
Léonard, Maggie Social Science: Criminology
Lindsay, Mistral Social Science: Criminology
Lou, Wallace Health Science
Lowen, Chayim Yechezkel Dov Computer Science and Mathematics
Lu, Tian Yue Health Science
Malumbres, Yvette Tourism Management
Marcoux, Frédérique Social Science: Commerce
Martin, Justine Film and New Media
Maurancy, Esaïe Sport Marketing
Mayrand, Simon Health Science
Mirkhord, Shabnam Health Science
Mirza, Renata Health Science
Mohamed, Nadine Health Science
Moraru, Maria Cassandra Social Science: Commerce
Morin, Félix Health Science
Murray, David Pure & Applied Science
Nitu, Alina Elena Social Science: Commerce
Pagliarulo-Fréchette, Léah Health Science
Paquette, Vincent Social Science: Choice
Paradis, Elizabeth Health Science
Paul, Jennifer Entrepreneurship
Rebernak, Nicholas Sport Marketing
Rocher, Samantha Health Science
Rose, Jeremy Pure & Applied Science
Saad, Simon Health Science
Savaria, Rose Law, Civilization and Mathematics
Savaria-Jutras, Gabrielle Social Science: Commerce
Sheehy, Andréanne Social Science: Psychology
Simon, Noémie Pure & Applied Science
Sorella, Cassandra Social Science: Criminology
Soucy, Benjamin Pure & Applied Science
Sutyushev, Valentin Pure & Applied Science
Tardif, Florence Social Science: Commerce
Tchernykh, Maxim Health Science
Théberge, Ariane Social Science: Commerce
Thériault, Chanel Social Science: Choice
Therrien, Vincent Pure & Applied Science
Tian, Xue Yang Health Science
Turmel, Jérémy Social Science: Commerce
Yu, Ren Social Science: Commerce
Zhang, Wenbin Pure & Applied Science