Dean’s List

The Dean’s List recognizes the academic excellence of Champlain College Saint-Lambert students who carry a full course load and who maintain an average of 90% or above in a given semester. Congratulations to the following students.


Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Dean’s List – Fall 2018

Atanasova, Vanya Digital Arts and New Media
Atchison, Thomas Sport Marketing & Management
Beauchemin, Noémie Health Science
Beaudoin, Rachel Health Science
Bélanger, Justin Health Science
Bélisle-Lawless, Derek Social Science: World Studies
Berthiaume, Justine Social Science: Commerce
Bortolussi-Courval, Sara Pure & Applied Science
Boyer, Nicolas Pure & Applied Science
Bruguier, Noémie Social Science: Commerce
Burg, Jeremy Pure & Applied Science
Buteau, Loïc Computer Science and Mathematics
Calatoru, Ioana Social Science: Choice
Caron, Xavier Pure & Applied Science
Carrier, Melissa Sport Marketing & Management
Cernat, Alexia Law and Civilization
Champagne, Catherine Social Science: Psychology
Chan, Stephanie Health Science
Cheriet, Ilias Pure & Applied Science
Chicoine, Laurence Social Science: Criminology
Chung Kwet Young, Valérie Health Science
Clavette, Francis Computer Science and Mathematics
Cloutier, Anabel Social Science: Commerce
Constantineau, Kevin Pure & Applied Science
Coughlan, Amélie Thérèse Health Science
Cournoyer, Florent Computer Science and Mathematics
Couture, Benjamin Social Science: Commerce
Couturier Caron, Béatrice Social Science: World Studies with Math
Cullen, Meghan Digital Arts and New Media
Dallaire, Megan Social Science: Education
D’Ambrosio, Sarah Health Science
d’Anjou, Valérie Health Science
De Iure-Grimmel, Leandre Computer Science and Mathematics
De Sève, Sara Social Science: Psychology
de Varennes, Alixe Social Science: World Studies with Math
Del Guidice, Emmanuelle Health Science
Dionne, Laurie-Anne Social Science: Commerce
Ducharme, Nicolas Social Science: Commerce
Duchesne, Madeleine Social Science: Criminology
Dufort, Laurie Social Science: Criminology
Fan, Zhi Sheng Social Science: Criminology
Farias Tousignant, Lucas Digital Arts and New Media
Fiodarau, Dzmitry Health Science
Firth, Maxime Nursing
Forest-Bilodeau, Holland Social Science: Criminology
Fortin, Hannah Law and Civilization
Fraticelli, Guillaume Social Science: Commerce
Garon, Annabelle Languages Option
Gauthier, Charles Pure & Applied Science
Gonzalez-Marin, Alejandro Pure & Applied Science
Goorachurn, Nadya Social Science: Criminology
Gorea, Isabela Adelina Health Science
Grégoire, Florence Health Science
Hentges, Julian Computer Science and Mathematics
Hotte-Meunier, Adèle Social Science: Criminology
Houadj, Lysa Health Science
Houde, Camille Social Science: Commerce
Jacques, Sandrine Social Science: Commerce
Jassi, Radhika Social Science: Commerce
Jauvin Beaulieu, Alexandre Social Science: Commerce
Labeau, Marine Pure & Applied Science
Lafrenière, Jeremy Social Science: Commerce
Lagacé, Maxime Health Science
Laguë, Audrey Law, Civilization and Mathematics
Lanctôt, Amélie Social Science: Commerce
Langlois, Heidi Law and Civilization
Langlois, Simon Computer Science and Mathematics
Larivière, Isabelle Computer Science and Mathematics
Lavoie, Roxanne Social Science: Commerce
Le, Vivian Huong Hoang Thien Health Science
Lebel, Louis-Antoine Computer Science and Mathematics
Lefebvre, Alexa Health Science
Lefebvre, Geneviève Social Science: Criminology
Légaré, Megan Social Science: Psychology
Legault, Arielle Film and New Media
Létourneau, Philippe Computer Science and Mathematics
Lewis, Amély Social Science: Criminology
Li, Frank Pure & Applied Science
Louis, Félix Health Science
Malumbres, Yvette Tourism Management
Marquis Harvey, Catherine Social Science: Commerce
Martin, Catherine Health Science
Mayrand, Simon Health Science
Melinte, Miruna Digital Arts and New Media
Mezaour, Sabrina Languages Option
Michaud, Nicolas Health Science
Mohamed, Nadine Health Science
Mohammed, Mohammed Wafek Health Science
Mondor, Audrey Social Science: Commerce
Morand, Philippe Health Science
Morin, Félix Health Science
Nguyen, Jessica Health Science
Normandin, Rose Sport Marketing & Management
Oligny, Kelly-Ann Social Science: Criminology
Ou Yang, Amy Social Science: Commerce
Paquin Domingues, Ana Law and Civilization
Paradis, Elizabeth Health Science
Paré, Charles-Antoine Pure & Applied Science
Payeur, Guillaume Pure & Applied Science
Pegg, Cassandra Social Science: Psychology
Plate, Anne-Sophie Health Science
Pomerleau, Pierre-Olivier Health Science
Potvin, Roxanne Social Science: World Studies with Math
Quintal, Alicia Health Science
Ratelle, Vincent Social Science: Commerce
Rhéaume, Audrey Law and Civilization
Rochelet, Éliane Social Science: Criminology
Said, Zein Health Science
Saint-Laurent, Emma Law, Civilization and Mathematics
Savaria, Rose Law, Civilization and Mathematics
Seguin, Kurt Social Science: Commerce
Shi, Sonia Social Science: Commerce
Silveira, Audréanne Social Science: Criminology
Sotnikova, Veronika Social Science: Commerce
Soucy, Benjamin Pure & Applied Science
Sutyushev, Valentin Pure & Applied Science
Tam, Serena Social Science: Commerce
Tardif, Florence Social Science: Commerce
Therrien, Kelly-Anne Social Science: Commerce
Tong, Hau-Yee Social Science: Psychology
Tremblay, Andrée-Anne Social Science: Education
Turcotte, Ariane Law, Civilization and Mathematics
Veilleux, Katianna Social Science: Commerce
Vézina, Chloé Health Science
Viau-Cardinal, Alexis Computer Science and Mathematics
Villiard, Gabriel Health Science
Wathier, William Social Science: Commerce
Williams, Caitlin Law and Civilization
Yip, Kristina Digital Arts and New Media