Champlain College Saint-Lambert is easily accessible from all regions in and around Montreal, just a 10 minute walk from the Longueuil – Université-de-Sherbrooke Metro Station.

Public Transportation

The College is accessible from several South Shore (RTL) Bus Circuits including the 6, 14 or 15 bus lines which stop directly in front of the College at 900 Riverside Drive. 

Use the RTL Trip Planner service to map your route in advance and get updated schedules: 

From Champlain Bridge

  1. Take first exit off bridge for Highway 20 & 132 East (Sorel-Quebec).
  2. Continue on Highway 132 and exit at Lafayette Blvd.
  3. Turn right at traffic light on St. Charles Street (Riverside Drive).

From Victoria Bridge

  1. Leaving the bridge, follow signs to St-Lambert, Laurier Blvd.
  2. Follow Highway 20 & 132 East.
  3. Turn right on Osborne Street.
  4. Turn right on Macaulay.
  5. Turn right on Riverside Drive.

From Jacques-Cartier Bridge

  1. Exit from bridge on Highway 20 & 132 (Laprairie, U.S.A., Sorel & Quebec).
  2. Take next exit for St-Helene, Lafayette.
  3. Follow St-Lambert, Lafayette Blvd.
  4. At second traffic light turn right on Lafayette.
  5. At second set of lights turn left on St. Charles Street (Riverside Drive).

From Lafontaine Tunnel

  1. Exit from the tunnel and take the Aut-20 W/ Rte-132 W exit, Exit 90, toward USA/ Aeroport Dorval/ Aut-15/ Ponts J.-Cartier-Victoria-Champlain/ La Prairie.
  2. Merge onto Autoroute 20 W.
  3. Take the Rte-134/ Boul Taschereau exit, Exit 8, toward Pont Jacques-Cartier.
  4. Turn slight right onto BoulevardTaschereau/ Provincial Secondary Route 134 W.
  5. Take the Rue St-Charles ramp toward Metro Longueuil. Keep left at the fork in the ramp.
  6. Turn slight right onto Place Charles-Le Moyne.
  7. Turn left onto Rue St-Charles W.  Rue St-Charles W becomes Rue Riverside.


Find information about parking at Champlain here.