Winter 2021 Edition

The Blue Ink presents its Winter 2021 Edition, combining modern digital design and warm tones with compelling interviews and think pieces that contemplate individual and systemic issues alike. On the theme of transcendence, this edition ponders the meaning of surpassing the world’s many perspectives and takes a closer look at the values that unite us all—for better or for worse. Between systemic racism, intersectional feminism, allyship, sexual discrimination, and taking ownership of one’s actions, our members and interviewees navigate the significance and purpose of transcendence. This last edition is also Editor-in-Chief Léa Baillargeon’s farewell message of hope and tolerance she hopes will reach people across paradigms.   

Let yourself be amazed by our contributors’ talent, passion, and enthralling sense of creation!   


For more information about the publication or to provide feedback on the edition, please contact Léa Baillargeon by MIO or to the following address: leabaillargeon@lair51.com