About Champlain College

Champlain College Saint-Lambert is a public English language cégep located on the South Shore of Montreal within a short 10-minute walk from the Longueuil-Université de Sherbrooke Métro station. We offer both two-year pre-university and three-year career programs.

There are approximately 3,000 students attending Champlain College Saint-Lambert. Our students come from diverse cultures and speak a variety of languages, giving the college a friendly and multicultural environment where you will meet new people and live new experiences.

At Champlain College Saint-Lambert our size is our strength. Our small classes and labs mean that our teachers can take the time to get to know you and give you personal attention and feedback. Also, students have easy access to a variety of academic support services, such as computers, counseling, academic advising and library services to name a few.

Discover what Champlain College Saint-Lambert has to offer you and what we are doing to ensure your success!

2-Year Pre-University Programs

3-Year Career Programs

Academic Advising

An academic advisory service is available to students on a year-round basis. The function of an Academic Advisor is to assist students in selecting a program of study in accordance with their individual aptitudes and career objectives which will lead to a D.E.C. (Diplôme des Études Collégiales). Academic Advisors also inform the students about prerequisites for admission to university programs. Academic Advisors are available during the registration period to assist students in their course selection and to answer any questions students might have regarding their profiles and/or programs. Throughout the year, the Academic Advisors are available for consultation in any of the following areas:

  •     Academic standing
  •     Change of program
  •     Course Commandites (permission to study at another Cégep)
  •     Course adjustment
  •     Course load
  •     Course selection
  •     Extra course requests
  •     Graduate evaluation
  •     Registration
  •     Scholarship applications
  •     Summer school courses
  •     University application forms
  •     University information sessions

Direct contact is maintained with Quebec’s Anglophone and Francophone universities and universities across Canada and the U.S. Therefore, Academic Advisors are able to assist students in selecting CEGEP courses that will meet the prerequisites for admission to university programs across Canada and the U.S.

Student Services

The staff in Student Services are here to ensure that students are supported in their personal development and learning. To fulfill this mission, we seek to:

  • Promote a campus environment that is conducive to student achievement
  • Assist students in establishing and achieving meaningful life goals
  • Provide students with extracurricular programs that emphasize individual and social development, leadership and community contribution
  • Provide counseling, programming and services that promote student health and well being
  • Build a campus community that is welcoming and respectful of human diversity
  • Assist students in overcoming obstacles that could impede their academic and/or personal success
  • Provide all services in an accessible, respectful and caring manner.

Our staff includes personal and career counselors, sport and activity animators as well as a health care professional.

Champlain Athletics – Cavaliers

George Wallace Library

Named in honor of George W. Wallace, Champlain College-Saint-Lambert teacher and Campus Director, the George Wallace Library and Media Centre is located on the second and third floors of B-Block. Newly renovated, the Library provides ample collaborative group workspace as well as plenty of space for quiet study. With close to 90 computers and wireless connectivity throughout, the Library is the perfect place to come for all your work and information needs.

Main Floor: In addition to the Loans Desk and Reference Desk, on the main floor students will find the teacher Reserves collection, the Reference collection, a few magazines as well as some Canadian Government documents and our fiction Paperback collection (more great reads in the literature section on the 3rd floor).

Designated as a Quiet Study Area, students will find computers available in the B-214 library research orientation classroom as well as in the main study spaces.

Located at the Loans Desk, are the Media equipment provided for the Film & New Media students with specialized photographic and video equipment required for their assignments.

You’ll also find your friendly and warm Library staff ready to assist you however we can!

3rd Floor: The Library’s circulating book collection is located on the 3rd floor of the B-block. The only block on campus with a 3rd floor.

This floor is designated as the Silent Study Area. In this area, students will find plenty of individual study carrels with great views of the Maritime park, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Pont Jacques-Cartier, Saint-Lawrence Seaway, Mont-Royal and of course la ville de Montréal.