Digital Arts & New Media

Digital Arts & New Media Final Projects
Manifesto / Cover Page is a composition where a variety of elements collide on the same surface but suggest a common thread. Graphic information is layered and presents itself like strata placed one on top of each other, rather than a series of cells juxtaposed side by side, like in a Cartoon structure. In this composition, the content includes: 1. Main character(s); 2. Geographical location either architectural or a landscape; 3. Important props and elements that have an impact on the overall mood (clothing; accessories; animals; framing; typography; etc.).

About the Digital Arts & New Media Program
Digital Arts and New Media is one of two interconnecting Media profiles in the Arts, Literature and Communications program. This is an exciting pre-university program which prepares students for a wide variety of university studies and careers. The program’s dynamic mix of theory and practice gives students a chance to sharpen their technical abilities, develop critical understanding of visual culture and develop personalized expressions of their creative voice.

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