Black History Month

Champlain Students Celebrate Black History Month

Photo Exhibition (February 4th – February 28th)
Come see the original photos by celebrity photographer Eddie Wolfl of accomplished black artists in display. This exhibition showcase celebrities such as Michael Jackson, was made possible thanks to the generosity of one of our Champlain Students! Eddie Wolfl’s portfolio.

Timeline Educational Corner (February 4th – February 28th)
Visual display of a timeline of significant events in black history as well as positive contributions made by black leaders in the areas of; science, medicine, education, innovation, art, culture and more.

Week 1- Politics:

  • Tuesday February 5th @ 11h-2h:
    “Did You Know” PowerPoint will be showcasing a variety of videos surrounding the theme of politics and Black History.
  • Wednesday February 6th @ 11h – 2h30:
    Kiosks/booths will be showcasing cultural articles of clothing and accessories for purchase.
  • Wednesday February 6th @ 12h30 to 2h30:
    Overture with the Arts (OWTA) is proud to present B.R.A.W.L (Black Revolutionary Activists Women List) as the topic of our upcoming Black History Month. B.R.A.W.L will enlighten students about the many heroic contributions black women have made in the struggle for black liberation throughout history, from slave plantations, all the way through present day. Using OWTA’s trademark edutainment style that combines education, Slam Poetry, Hip Hop, stand up comedy, and audience participation/ interaction, B.R.A.W.L will address the far too often neglected sacrifices made by black women.The presentation will run between 45 to 60 minutes. The presentation will flow chronologically through history, giving students and administrators not only a vital introduction to outstanding black women throughout history, but a vital snap shot of the black experience during different historical eras. This structure will allow us to provide historical context to the climate with which the subjects of our presentation operated, while simultaneously shinning a light on their amazing accomplishments. Additionally, the presentation will showcase the contributions of African Canadian women in particular. The Black History Month conversation in Canadian schools too often focuses solely on some of the towering figures of the civil rights movement in the United States of America. Therefore, it is of vital importance to us that students celebrate the sacrifices our own countrymen have made throughout history. While some American women will be mentioned, the emphasis will be primarily on African Canadians. Overture with the Arts (OWTA) Website!

Week 2 – Education:

  • Monday February 11th @ 11h-12h30:
    Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rachel Zellars is an attorney and postdoctoral fellow in history at the University of Vermont and a lecturer at McGill in the Department of Integrated Studies. Her research and studies focus on slavery in Canada, the history of public schooling, critical race theory, and gender violence. We will have the privilege of hearing her speak on the subject of “Implicit biases” and “Cultural Appropriation”. Participants will have the opportunity to examine and to discuss how racism, both individual and institutional, and implicit bias play out in an educational context and what this means for students, educators, and their workplace.
  • Tuesday February 12th @ 11h-2h:
    “Did You Know”
    PowerPoint will be showcasing a variety of videos surrounding the theme of Education & Black History.

Week 3 – Media & Literature

  • Tuesday February 19th @ 11h-2h:
    “Did You Know” powerpoint will be showcasing a variety of videos surrounding the theme of Media/Literature and Black History.
  • Wednesday February 20th @ 12h30-2h30:
    Patricia Dillion-Moore is the National Film Board publicist and Black History Month Spokesperson. She will be leading a conference on the portrayal of people of colour in the media. Following this there will be a Teacher Led Student Open Discussion on controversial topics. Faculty members Jenny Doubt, Susan Blanche Chato and Andrea Nouvet will ensuring a safe space where students will want to share their opinions. A controlled environment where people can teach and learn from one another. Controversial topics will surround the discussion such as ; Can you call someone Black ? Can anyone wear cornrows ? Why you should not say, it’s okay I have a black friend ? and many many more !!!

Week 4 – Music & Culture

  • Tuesday February 26th @ 11h-2h:
    “Did You Know” PowerPoint will be showcasing a variety of videos surrounding the theme of Music/Culture and Black History.
  • Wednesday February 27th @ 12h-2h30 Closing Ceremony:
    A Celebration Interactive Student run cultural food and clothing stands will be displayed. Students are encourage to wear their traditional clothing and celebrate Black History! A steel drum performance will take place and a Trivia game will finish off the event tying in all themes