Little Girl Blue on CBC

The film Little Girl Blue, written and directed by Champlain College Saint-Lambert faculty member Dan Babineau (Media programs) and featuring the talents of many Champlain students, graduates, faculty and staff members will screen again on CBC Television on Christmas Eve, at 11:00 p.m.

The film was created here at Champlain, a cooperative venture between the Media department and Nursing.  Both cast and crew were volunteers, and included many Champlain grads and faculty.  It was finished with a grant from the National Film Board and ran on CBC during the Christmas season in 2016.

Most of the film’s sets were constructed at Champlain: the hospital locations which were shot in the Nursing wing, an ATM bank set which was built in the library, and exterior hospital and bank locations which were done out back of the college, shot in July but with artificial snow since the film takes place on Christmas Eve!  Some of the people involved include Creative Arts grads like Antoine Rochette, music producer working in London, who wrote the music; Andre Lai, now working as a film producer, who was Director of Photography; teachers Barclay Watt, Nancy Tatebe, Rose Mary Weidner, Carole Cormier, Erik di Agostini, David Finch, and David Millar; Max Block from IT; Marc Cotran, a real-life ER doctor who is a Champlain Health Science grad; and even our famous alumnus, weatherman Frank Cavallero.

To watch Little Girl Blue on the following link: Little Girl Blue