Student Publication

Champlain College Saint-Lambert Alumnus, Wasan Abdullah’s poetry collection has been published by Olympia publishers, located in London, England.

Wasan participated in the first poetry workshops at the College in Winter 2017. The same workshops that came to inspire students to start the Poetry Club at Champlain. She went on to perform, and represent Champlain, in the first intercollegiate Slam poetry competition at Vanier in 2017 under the mentorship of Champlain Faculty, Aicha Mein and Crina Bondre Ardelean as well as that of Montreal poets, Jason Selman and Deanna Smith.

About the Book – Through My Eyes:

“Wasan Abdullah has been writing since the age of eight, enjoying self-expression through words, and is also pursuing a strong interest in psychology and mental health issues. This is expressed in some of these poems as a means of raising awareness of such matters; some readers may find themselves thinking more deeply or questioning their own views on the subject.

Covering emotions from love to resentment, anger to joy, rage and depression, generating both laughter and tears through day-to-day observations and memories, each poem tells a story, a snippet of human life, in a highly individual voice and illustrates the author’s views and opinions on the feelings, hopes and dreams that we all share. These poems will resonate with the reader’s own thoughts, dreams and memories, so that this charming collection has something for everyone.”