End of Year Projects

On Thursday, May 25th the Graphic Communications program hosted their end of year Multimedia Show at Le Bain Mathieu in Montreal. It was a beautiful event and all the final projects were astounding.

Check out the winner’s projects:


First place Web: Nicole Galindo http://www.nikkigalindo.com/

Second place Web: Taralyn Wilson http://taralynwilson.x10host.com/

Third place Web: Jonathan Marcotte http://jonathanmarcotte.x10host.com/


First place Print Portfolio: Eve St-Martin http://evestmartin.com/

Second place Print Portfolio: Tatiana Gajardo http://www.tatianagajardosilva.com/

Third place Print Portfolio: Taralyn Wilson http://taralynwilson.x10host.com/


The Champlain Community is very proud of the Graphic Communications students for all their hard work and dedication towards their program and would like to thank all the teachers who have been working with these students for the last three years.