Champlain College Saint-Lambert, alongside 139 other Quebec schools, participated in this weekend’s Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie (La Course), running approximately 270 km from Quebec City to Montreal. Our team of students and faculty left Parliament Hill in Quebec City at around 8 a.m. on Saturday morning in a relay challenge, running 30 straight hours to Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. The relay challenge consisted of groups of 4 students and 1 faculty member running 2 km, after which a new group would step in. This went on until they reached their destination in Montreal on Sunday afternoon.

The Champlain community is very proud of all the hard work that was put in to preparing for such a physical and mental challenge and would like to thank everyone who participated in represented Champlain College Saint-Lambert so well.

The Grand Défi has partnered with Quebec schools to help kids make healthier choices in their everyday lives, to build habits that will become the norm for future generations.

For more information: Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie (La Course)