Film & New Media

The Film and New Media Program End of Year Events

Exhibition: Wednesday, May 10th to Friday, May 12th in the Student Space.

End of Year Screening: Monday, May 15th at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium.

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Film & New Media is a pre-university program which prepares students for a wide variety of university studies. This exciting mix of theory and practice gives students a chance to explore and find their passion, while sharpening their creative abilities, critical thinking, written and spoken communications, and developing a comprehensive understanding of the importance of visual culture.

Students will progressively master the fundamentals of writing, shooting, recording sound, and editing, whether in fiction film, television, or any number of new multi-media platforms. In the journalism and documentary courses, they will apply these skills with real-life topics while learning to communicate ideas and information in a coherent and persuasive way. Our digital lab will offer a chance to experiment in new territories of gaming, app design, special effects, and animation. Theoretical courses will foster critical thinking through subjects that vary from film history to the analysis of contemporary visual culture.

In our media-saturated world, visual literacy is more important than ever, and our graduates are able to successfully transfer their skills into areas such as advertising, marketing, journalism, radio, photography, television, film, app design, computer gaming, and more. Graduates can look to the future as media professionals, artists, teachers, music producers, television personalities, actors, special effects designers, and public relations consultants – almost any field requiring an understanding of the creative process, self-motivation, and project management abilities.