Story Telling & Poetry

In collaboration with Faculty members Aïcha Mein and Crina Bondre Ardelean, Student Services is very proud to offer to the Champlain Community the following workshops. Students, Staff and Faculty Welcome!

Storytelling Workshops (March 22nd/April 5th Freeblock) 

Please MIO David Persons in Student Services to sign up!

(Deadline Monday March 20th, 4pm) G-156 (Amphitheatre)

In this two-part workshop, Nisha Coleman and Matt Goldberg will introduce you to the world of storytelling. You will learn the foundations of storytelling, different ways of crafting stories and effectively transferring these stories to the stage. This interactive workshop is designed to help you find your stories and take them a step further, beyond “a thing that happened,” and into a well-crafted tale that possesses the elements that have made storytelling such a popular format throughout the ages. Through examples, exercises, and a brief look at the history of storytelling, you will learn what storytelling is and how to become an effective storyteller yourself.

Performance Poetry Workshops (March 29th, April 12th, 19th Freeblock)

Please MIO David Persons in Student Services to sign up!

(Deadline March 27th, 4pm) A-113

Do you enjoy performances that blend art, music, and poetry? Are you interested in learning how to captivate and move an audience through a spoken-word piece? If so, these workshops are for you! Join us as we welcome performing poets/artists Jason “Blackbird” Selman and Deanna Smith to Champlain for a series of workshops to help engage students in the world of slam (or performance) poetry. These workshops will help you explore this oral art by introducing you to different poetic techniques and providing tips and coaching for memorization and stage presence.

The Competition! (April 21st, 7pm) @ Café Le Depanneur


Students, Staff & Faculty will have the chance to perform their work (storytelling & performance poetry) at Café Le Depanneur in front of invited guests from the College Community! There will be 4 prizes offered (Students Only). Top two poetry performances and top two storytelling performances. Prizes include $100 value for 1st place finish and $50 value for 2nd  place runner-up. Guest judges include Faculty members Aïcha Mein and Crina Bondre Ardelean! A Special Surprise: our top three student performances will be offered the chance to compete at Vanier College on April 27th as part of the Intercollegiate Spoken Word Competition! More info to come!

Invited Guests/Artist Bio’s

Jason “Blackbird” Selman – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27rWOYgkFLo

Nisha Coleman – is a writer, actor, storyteller and musician based in Montreal. Her solo storytelling show, Self-Exile, won Best of Fringe at the Montreal Fringe Festival and was featured at the 2017 Wildside Festival. Her memoir, Busker: Stories from the Streets of Paris, published in 2015 by Hagios Press, recounts her adventures living as a street musician in Paris. Her work has appeared on WireTap, PBS, MAtv, Risk! and No More Radio. Nisha is a co-producer for Confabulation and a regular performer at storytelling events in Montreal and Toronto.

Matt Goldberg – is a Montreal-based writer, actor, comedian and storyteller. He is the executive producer and local host of Confabulation, an original monthly true-life storytelling series, based in Montreal, Toronto and Victoria,, now in its seventh season. Matt is also known for his work with Uncalled For — an award-winning sketch comedy troupe — and with No More Radio — a podcast network dedicated to creative collaboration and storytelling. In his spare time, Matt works as an English teacher at Vanier College.