Jeux Collégiaux du Commerce

We are very proud of our students who participated at this year’s “Jeux collégiaux du commerce” at Cégep Edouard Montpetit.

The students worked on a case study for a new alcohol development company and gained valuable marketing experience. They were tasked to find different ways to brand their new products as well as market to specific target age categories. Great job and thank you to Coach and Faculty member Isabelle Lanno for all her support!

Team 1:
William Bartucci
Ibrahim Toure
Jacob Gosselin

Team 2:
Nicholas Rebernak
Antoine Perreault
Trevor Klingenberg

Team 3:
Tyler Bougie
Vincent Lemieux
Anthony Patulli

For more information about “Les jeux du commerce” click on the following link: http://jcdc.cegepmontpetit.ca/