Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie

Champlain College Saint-Lambert set out on an adventure of a lifetime to run from Quebec City to Montreal (253 km). 35 students, 4 faculty and 1 staff participated from Saint-Lambert and ran over 30 straight hours for the Défi Pierre Lavoie (La Course). The team began their adventure on Friday, May 8th by participating in a evening of “Fun Run” for 5 km around old Quebec with 8000 High school, College and University students.  The official adventure began on Saturday, May 9th in the town of Saint-Augustin de Desmaures. The relay challenge consisted of groups of 4 students and 1 faculty member running 2 km after which a new group would step in. This went on until our team reached their final destination of Quai Jacques Cartier in the Old Port of Montreal.

Teams were greeted by hundreds of local crowds in towns such as Portneuf, Batiscan, Trois-Rivieres, Nicolet, Sorel, Varennes and Longueuil.  Students and faculty members experienced much physical and mental challenges along the journey. Everyone endured through sunshine, cold, humid mist and monsoon rain. Champlain College Saint-Lambert is extremely proud and cannot congratulate the students and staff enough on their hard work and dedication.