Dean’s List

The Dean’s List recognizes the academic excellence of Champlain College Saint-Lambert students who carry a full course load and who maintain an average of 90% or above in a given semester. Congratulations to the following students.


Champlain College Saint-Lambert
Dean’s List – Winter 2014

Allard, Rosalie Health Science
Audette-Bourdeau, Rosalie Social Science: Criminology
Balan, Corina Social Science: Commerce
Bandaly, Alvin Health Science
Baronello, Elisa Social Science: Education
Bastien, Claudia Health Science
Beaudry, William Social Science: Commerce
Bergeron, François Science: Pure & Applied
Bergeron, Véronique Legacy to Mobile
Bevilacqua, Giuliana Social Science: Commerce
Bolduc, Mathieu International Baccalaureate: Science
Bouchard, Frédérique Health Science
Boulanger, Florence Social Science: Commerce
Bourcier, Alexandra Social Science: Commerce
Boyer, Natalie Social Science: Commerce
Brault, Marie-Lee Social Science: World Studies with Math
Brodeur, Marc-Antoine Social Science: Commerce
Cao, Emily Science: Pure & Applied
Carrière, Olivier Computer Science and Mathematics
Charest, Nicolas Liberal Arts
Charlebois, Camille Health Science
Chen, Michelle International Baccalaureate: Science
Cloutier, Ariane Graphic Communications
Cloutier, Romy Social Science: Commerce
Cochrane, Simon Computer Science and Mathematics
Colella, Vanessa Social Science: Criminology
Dastous-Stampe, William Science: Pure & Applied
Davrieux-Faille, Catherine Social Science: World Studies
de Wilde, Sarah Health Science
Degré, Dominique Liberal Arts
Delgado-Tribout, Kelly Social Science: Commerce
Desrosiers, Camille Sport Marketing and Management
Diaz Aguiluz, Gerardo José Tourism Management
Dion, Raphaëlle Health Science
Doyle, Kellie Social Science: Choice
Forget, Frédérique Social Science: World Studies with Math
Froes, Emily Social Science: Commerce
Gammon, Adrian Science: Pure & Applied
Gauthier, Jérémi International Baccalaureate: Science
Gelencser-Smith, Tasia Social Science: World Studies with Math
Germain Tremblay, Cindy Social Science: Criminology
Gratton, Dominique Social Science: Commerce
Guerriero, Anthony Science: Pure & Applied
Guilbault, Clarence International Baccalaureate: Science
Hamel, Alexandra Science: Pure & Applied
Hamilton, Rebecca Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Hutt-Borrelli, Ian Social Science: Commerce
Iasenza, Jennifer Social Science: Criminology
Janosz, Jérémie Social Science: Criminology
Kazazian, Anthony Science: Pure & Applied
Kebli, Amina Social Science: Choice
Krajewski, Natasha Social Science: Criminology
Lacroix, Ève Liberal Arts
Lavallée, Rosalie Social Science: Commerce
Law, Jonathan International Baccalaureate: Science
Lemieux-Chalifour, Florence Science: Pure & Applied
Lequient, Marion Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Leroux-Bergeron, Amélie Social Science: Commerce
Léveillé, Geneviève Social Science: Commerce
Lothiaphing, Kellie Social Science: Psychology
Lucuix-André, Jonathan Computer Science and Mathematics
Mallette, Sarah Science: Pure & Applied
Marineau, Nicolas Social Science: Commerce
Matte-Tarantino, Alexandra Graphic Communications
McAlpine, Vanessa Advertising Management
McPhail, Shannon Social Science Criminology
Medeiros Charbonneau, Michaël Science: Pure & Applied
Miller-Dorrance, Sarah Liberal Arts
Mongeau, Jason Social Science: Commerce
Moresoli, Paola Health Science
Néron, Chloé Social Science: Commerce
Ostiguy, Sarah Social Science: Commerce
Parent, Jean-David Health Science
Parent-Lévesque, Jérôme Computer Science and Mathematics
Poulin, Kimberly Tourism Management
Proulx, Claudel Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Rezaye, Mahnaz Social Science: Choice
Rivas Ramos, Laleska Michell Social Science: Commerce
Royce, Kevin Social Science: World Studies with Math
Saad, Véronique Social Science: World Studies with Math
Sabsabi, Safa Health Science
Savino, Taylor Social Science: Criminology
Simard-Farout, Julien Liberal Arts
Squires, Shania Social Science: Education
Straub, Corey Social Science: Education
Sutton, Jessica Tourism Management
Sylvestre, Myriam Health Science
Tanguay, Solène Social Science: Commerce
Therrien, Clémence Social Science: Commerce
Thivierge, Audrey-Anne Health Science
Togola, Tiémé-Frédéric Computer Science and Mathematics
Tong, Yi International Bac-Science
Tran, Sylvie Graphic Communications
Tudoran, Ioana Maria Advertising Management
van Branteghem, Hugo Social Science: Commerce
Wang, Léo Social Science: Commerce
Wasef, Natale Badea Sa Health Science
Wong, Chelsea Social Science Criminology
Xu, Chloe Huiyang International Baccalaureate: Science
Ye, Qian Social Science: Commerce