Dean’s List

The Dean’s List recognizes the academic excellence of Champlain College Saint-Lambert students who carry a full course load and who maintain an average of 90% or above in a given semester. Congratulations to the following students.


Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Dean’s List – Fall 2015

Andronache, Ruxandra Health Science
Arsenault-Mahjoubi, Louis Social Science: Commerce
Auguste, Victoria Social Science: Psychology
Barbeau, Odile Social Science: Commerce
Bellemare, Eve-Marie Social Science: Choice
Bergeron, Émile Computer Science and Mathematics
Bergeron, Véronique Computer Science
Bernier-Tremblay, Camille Pure & Applied Science
Berteau, Audrey Health Science
Boisvert, Marie-Lou Advertising Management
Bouchard, Jordan Social Science: Commerce
Bouthillier, Camelia Social Science: Choice
Brais-Laporte, Adrien Social Science: Commerce
Breitman, Daniela Pure & Applied Science
Brown, Julie Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Burelle, Aliena Advertising Management
Carrier, Nicolas Social Science: Commerce
Chen, Anjellica Health Science
Chergui, Sami Health Science
Chihata, Peter Health Science
Choinière, Andréa Health Science
Chu, Tian Ren Health Science
Chung Kwet Young, Steven Social Science: Commerce
Clavet, Marianne Social Science: Psychology
Coirazza, Alexie Diana Social Science: Commerce
Cotocea, Ioana Social Science: Criminology
Crépeau, Laurent Liberal Arts
Cusson, Stéphanie Social Science: Criminology
Dafoe, Sarah-Pascale Social Science: Criminology
Daunoravicius, Samuel Social Science: Commerce
Deragon, Valérie Health Science
Deroches, Lori Health Science
Desrosiers, Gabrielle Social Science: Commerce
Dietze-Hermosa, David Social Science: World Studies with Math
El Ouardi, Martine Social Science: World Studies with Math
Fan, Sophie Health Science
Fang, Xue Yao Health Science
Fillion, Alexandra Advertising Management
Fortin, Camille Social Science: Commerce
Fovero, Sarah Social Science: Psychology
Froment, Marie-Ève Social Science: Criminology
Garios, Julia Social Science: Criminology
Gaudet, Béatrice Liberal Arts
Gaudet, Jérémie Health Science
Genest, Alexandre Health Science
Genest, Pierre-Luc Social Science: Commerce
Godolphin, Sarah Social Science: Commerce
Gonzalez Castillo, Juan David Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Gratton, Cassandre Social Science: Criminology
Grenier, Nicolas Pure & Applied Science
Gutierrez Salazar, Marco Alonso Health Science
Jabbar, Abuzar Health Science
Jaime Alba, Sadja Alejandra Computer Science
Keller, Zoé Liberal Arts
Labbé, Mathieu Social Science: Commerce
Labonté, Marie-Eve Social Science: Criminology
Lafrance-Jones, Paulo Liberal Arts
Leclerc, Romy Languages Option
Lee, Han Se Pure & Applied Science
Lévesque, Stéphanie Social Science: World Studies with Math
Li, Charles Health Science
Li, Jiayi Health Science
Li, Jimmy International Baccalaureate Science
Lin Poo Yuan, Angela-Sinlan Health Science
Lipari, Mario Pure & Applied Science
Liu, Lin Shuang Health Science
Marchand, Megan Social Science: Commerce
McRae, Valérie Social Science: Criminology
Miron, Alexandra Liberal Arts
Mokhtari, Kenzi Wassil Health Science
Nadeem, Lubna Social Science: Criminology
Newton, Liana Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Nguyen, Jonathan Social Science: World Studies
Nguyen-Yang, Mila Social Science: Choice
Nina, Vittorio Social Science: Commerce
Pantalone, Gianfranco Social Science: Choice
Papaioannou, Anthony Social Science: Commerce
Parent, Erika Social Science: Choice
Pepiot, Madeleine Social Science: Education
Pereira, Natalia Carolina Social Science: Commerce
Péron, Kabrina Social Science: World Studies with Math
Perras, Stéphanie P. Social Science: World Studies with Math
Pouliot-Villeneuve, Sophie Social Science: Education
Proulx, Marc-Antoine Health Science
Rebernak, Nicholas Sport Marketing
Riopel-Murray, Camille Health Science
Romanelli, Serena Celeste Social Science: Criminology
Roy, Evelyne Social Science: Psychology
Sader, Rachel Social Science: World Studies
Savard, Cassandra Social Science: Commerce
Sharma, Apoorv Health Science
St-Yves, Jade Social Science: Criminology
Tam, Kwan Ming Pure & Applied Science
Théberge-Dritsas, Nikolaos Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Trudeau, Félix Liberal Arts
Tudoran, Ioana Maria Advertising Management
Turgeon, Camille Social Science: Commerce
Vaillancourt, Amélie Graphic Communications
Vermeil, Esther Social Science: Commerce
Wai, Megan Health Science
Yu, Wen Di Social Science: Commerce
Zhang, Kerry Health Science
Zhang, Li Xin Health Science