Dean’s List

The Dean’s List recognizes the academic excellence of Champlain College Saint-Lambert students who carry a full course load and who maintain an average of 90% or above in a given semester. Congratulations to the following students.


Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Dean’s List – Winter 2017

Alary, Sophie Social Science: World Studies
Alhaeik, Kasem Social Science: Commerce
Andronache, Ruxandra Health Science
Assalian, Sarah Social Science: World Studies
Bartucci, William Sport Marketing
Benko-Prieur, Chloé Health Science
Berteau, Audrey Health Science
Bilodeau-Chagnon, Félix Pure & Applied Science
Binette, Simon Tourism Management
Blondin, Megan Health Science
Bois, Gabriel Social Science: Commerce
Botez, Stefana Health Science
Bourassa, Marie-Laurence Social Science: Criminology
Camiré, Alexandre Health Science
Castonguay, Emilien Social Science: Commerce
Chen, Michael Health Science
Chergui, Sami Health Science
Chicoine, Marie Social Science: Commerce
Chihata, Peter Health Science
Chu, Tian Ren Health Science
Coulombe, Alexandre Pure & Applied Science
Courdi, Clémentine Social Science: Choice
Cournoyer, Camille Social Science: World Studies
De Iure-Grimmel, Tristan Pure & Applied Science
Di Niro, Samantha Graphic Communications
Drapeau-Lamothe, Meghan Digital Arts and New Media
Dufour, Rachel Social Science: Criminology
Duranleau, Éléonore Health Science
Dytynyshyn, Suzanne Tourism Management
Elie, Marianne Social Science: Commerce
Faccone-McNair, Jérémy Languages Option
Gajardo , Tatiana Graphic Communications
Gan, Amy Health Science
Garios, Julia Social Science: Criminology
Gasparyan, Lilit Health Science
Gaudet, Jérémie Health Science
Gauvin, Laurence Social Science: Psychology
Genest, Alexandre Health Science
Grenier, Sarah Social Science: World Studies with Math
Guay, Hélène Health Science
Gutierrez Salazar, Marco Alonso Health Science
Handfield-Raymond, Samuel Social Science: Commerce
Huang, Jia Wei Tourism Management
Labrecque-Langlais, Élodie Health Science
Langevin, Simon Social Science: World Studies with Math
Lavoie, Leah Sport Marketing
Le Duc, Ai Nhi Health Science
Lebel, Frédérique Social Science: Criminology
Leclerc, Romy Languages Option
Lee Yam Seng, Sissy Jade Health Science
L’Heureux, Nasthazia Social Science: Criminology
Lindsay, Mistral Social Science: Criminology
Liu, Lin Shuang Health Science
Lu, Tian Yue Health Science
Macevicius, Caitlin Social Science: Psychology
Malumbres, Yvette Tourism Management
Marchand, Jessica Social Science Criminology
Marcoux, Frédérique Social Science: Commerce
Martin, Justine Film and New Media
Mathieu, Lynne Sport Marketing
Mircheva, Aleksandra Health Science
Mirkhord, Shabnam Health Science
Miron, Alexandra Liberal Arts
Morin, David Social Science: World Studies with Math
Murray, David Pure & Applied Science
Nahas, Carl Social Science Criminology
Neocleous, Paola Social Science: Psychology
Nguyen-Yang, Mila Social Science: Choice
Nitu, Alina Elena Social Science: Commerce
Pagliarulo-Fréchette, Léah Health Science
Paul, Jennifer Entrepreneurship
Pereira, Natalia Carolina Social Science: Commerce
Péron, Kabrina Social Science: World Studies with Math
Rebernak, Nicholas Sport Marketing
Rider, Alaska Film and New Media
Riopel-Murray, Camille Health Science
Rose, Jeremy Pure & Applied Science
Routhier, Justine Film and New Media
Saad, Simon Health Science
Savaria-Jutras, Gabrielle Social Science: Commerce
Sharma, Apoorv Health Science
Sheehy, Andréanne Social Science: Psychology
Simeone, Samantha Graphic Communications
Soucy, Adèle Health Science
Stephens, Laura Health Science
St-Martin, Ève Graphic Communications
Tam, Kwan Ming Health Science
Théberge, Ariane Social Science: Commerce
Thériault, Chanel Social Science: Choice
Tian, Xue Yang Health Science
Van den Hoeven, Marijke Social Science: Criminology
Wai, Megan Health Science
Wang, Xue Ying Health Science
Wilkins, Ian Digital Arts and New Media
Yan Shi Cheung, Mary Kimberly Social Science: Commerce
Yan,  Tad Loi Pure & Applied Science
Ye, Dasen Pure & Applied Science
Ye, Yu Na Social Science: Commerce
Zabihian, Pouyan Pure & Applied Science
Zanolin, Samantha Health Science