Dean’s List

The Dean’s List recognizes the academic excellence of Champlain College Saint-Lambert students who carry a full course load and who maintain an average of 90% or above in a given semester. Congratulations to the following students.


Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Dean’s List – Fall 2016

Aigner-Therrien, Catherine Health Science
Alaoui Ismaili, Adnane Health Science
Alary, Sophie Social Science: World Studies
Alhaeik, Kasem Social Science: Commerce
Andronache, Ruxandra Health Science
Barbeau, Odile Social Science: Commerce
Barrette-Vanasse, Louis Computer Science and Mathematics
Benko-Prieur, Chloé Health Science
Bernier-Tremblay, Camille Pure & Applied Science
Berteau, Audrey Health Science
Binette, Simon Tourism Management
Blanchard, Jean-Claude Liberal Arts
Bolduc, Andréanne Health Science
Botez, Stefana Health Science
Boulanger, Andréanne Health Science
Boulanger-Tremblay, Léonie Social Science: Choice
Breitman, Daniela Pure & Applied Science
Bruyere, Lea Liberal Arts
Carrière, Olivia Social Science: Criminology
Castonguay, Emilien Social Science: Commerce
Chadwick, Laurence Social Science: Criminology
Chergui, Sami Health Science
Chihata, Peter Health Science
Choinière, Andréa Health Science
Chu, Justina Pure & Applied Science
Chu, Tian Ren Health Science
Colmenares De La Melena, Juan Diego Pure & Applied Science
Courdi, Clémentine Social Science: World Studies
Cournoyer, Camille Social Science: World Studies
De Iure-Grimmel, Tristan Pure & Applied Science
Dionne, Jade Social Science: Criminology
Drapeau-Lamothe, Meghan Digital Arts and New Media
Drolet, Antoine Pure & Applied Science
Dufour, Rachel Social Science: Criminology
Duranleau, Éléonore Health Science
Forest-Bilodeau, Acalia Health Science
Franceschini, Elizabeth Social Science: Criminology
Gan, Amy Health Science
Garios, Julia Social Science: Criminology
Gaudet, Béatrice Liberal Arts
Gaudet, Jérémie Health Science
Genest, Alexandre Health Science
Guay, Hélène Health Science
Guevara Valencia, Sofia Social Science: Choice
Gutierrez Salazar, Marco Alonso Health Science
Ha, Buu-An Health Science
Huang, Jia Wei Tourism Management
Iacono, Agatha Social Science: Commerce
Idicula, Emily Health Science
Jabbar, Abuzar Health Science
Jomphe, Emile Health Science
Labelle, Amély Social Science: Criminology
Lachapelle, Alex Nursing
Lam Cham Kee, Julian Social Science: Choice
Latourelle-Vigeant, Hugo Computer Science and Mathematics
Lebel, Frédérique Social Science: Criminology
Leclerc, Romy Languages Option
Lee Yam Seng, Sissy Jade Health Science
Lévesque, Stéphanie Social Science: World Studies with Math
L’Heureux, Nasthazia Social Science: Criminology
Lindsay, Mistral Social Science: Criminology
Lipari, Mario Pure & Applied Science
Liu, Calvin Pure & Applied Science
Longval, Florence Health Science
Lu, Tian Yue Health Science
Macevicius, Caitlin Social Science: Psychology
Malumbres, Yvette Tourism Management
Marchessault, Anne Health Science
Marcoux, Frédérique Social Science: Commerce
Martin, Justine Film and New Media
Masson, Anthony Social Science: Commerce
Mirkhord, Shabnam Health Science
Miron, Alexandra Liberal Arts
Nahas, Carl Social Science: Criminology
Ndayizamba, Alex Health Science
Nguyen-Yang, Mila Social Science: Choice
Nitu, Alina Elena Social Science: Commerce
Papaioannou, Anthony Social Science: Commerce
Paul, Jennifer Entrepreneurship
Pellerin, Sophie Social Science: Choice
Pereira, Natalia Carolina Social Science: Commerce
Perez-Valiente, Sofia-Ines Social Science: Criminology
Péron, Kabrina Social Science: World Studies with Math
Picotte, Pascal Social Science: Commerce
Poulin, Sarah-Maude Health Science
Proulx, Marc-Antoine Pure & Applied Science
Rebernak, Nicholas Sport Marketing
Reid, Sarah Social Science: Criminology
Riopel-Murray, Camille Health Science
Rose, Jeremy Pure & Applied Science
Routhier, Justine Film and New Media
Roy, Jonathan Health Science
Roy-Baca, Mattias Health Science
Saad, Simon Health Science
Savaria-Jutras, Gabrielle Social Science: Commerce
Setbel, Inés Digital Arts and New Media
Sharma, Apoorv Health Science
Soucy, Adèle Health Science
Stephens, Laura Health Science
Sylvestre, Daniel Pure & Applied Science
Syzonenko, Veronika Health Science
Tam, Kwan Ming Health Science
Tat, Naomie Digital Arts and New Media
Therrien, Coralie Social Science: Commerce
Therrien, Vincent Pure & Applied Science
Tian, Xue Yang Health Science
Trudeau, Félix Social Science: World Studies with Math
Turgeon, Camille Social Science: Commerce
Van den Hoeven, Marijke Social Science: Criminology
Vigu, Stefan Health Science
Wai, Jennifer Health Science
Wai, Megan Health Science
Wang, Xue Ying Health Science
Wilkins, Ian Digital Arts and New Media
Yan Shi Cheung, Mary Kimberly Social Science: Commerce
Yan, Tad Loi Pure & Applied Science
Zabihian, Pouyan Pure & Applied Science