Dean’s List

The Dean’s List recognizes the academic excellence of Champlain College Saint-Lambert students who carry a full course load and who maintain an average of 90% or above in a given semester. Congratulations to the following students.


Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Dean’s List – Winter 2016

Aigner-Therrien, Catherine Health Science
Alaoui Ismaili, Adnane Health Science
Alary, Sophie Social Science: World Studies
Andronache, Ruxandra Health Science
Bergeron, Véronique Computer Science
Bernier-Tremblay, Camille Pure & Applied Science
Berteau, Audrey Health Science
Bérubé, Carl Pure & Applied Science
Bois, Gabriel Social Science: Commerce
Boisvert, Marie-Lou Advertising Management
Boland, Annabelle Social Science: World Studies with Math
Bouchard, Tristan Pure & Applied Science
Boulanger, Andréanne Health Science
Brais-Laporte, Adrien Social Science: Commerce
Breitman, Daniela Pure & Applied Science
Brouillard-Tejeda, David Pure & Applied Science
Brown, Julie Creative Arts, Literature and Languages
Brunetti, Mia Health Science
Carrier, Nicolas Social Science: Commerce
Castonguay, Emilien Social Science: Commerce
Chaurand, Rémy Computer Science
Chen, Anjellica Health Science
Chergui, Sami Health Science
Chihata, Peter Health Science
Choinière, Andréa Health Science
Chu, Tian Ren Health Science
Coirazza, Alexie Diana Social Science: Commerce
Colbourne, Megan Health Science
Cordisco, Andrea Social Science: Commerce
Coulombe, Alexandre Pure & Applied Science
Cournoyer, Camille Social Science: World Studies
Crépeau, Laurent Liberal Arts
Dafoe, Sarah-Pascale Social Science: Criminology
Delisle, Bianca Liberal Arts
Deragon, Valérie Health Science
Derriche, Nassim Pure & Applied Science
Dhoparee-Doomah, Iqraa Health Science
Dietze-Hermosa, David Social Science: World Studies with Math
El Ouardi, Martine Social Science: World Studies with Math
Elmahboubi, Myriem Social Science: Criminology
Eufemia, Anna Health Science
Fang, Xue Yao Health Science
Fillion, Alexandra Advertising Management
Fortin, Camille Social Science: Commerce
Fovero, Sarah Social Science: Psychology
Froment, Marie-Ève Social Science: Criminology
Garios, Julia Social Science: Criminology
Gaudet, Jérémie Health Science
Gendron, Alice Advertising Management
Genest, Alexandre Health Science
Godolphin, Sarah Social Science: Commerce
Grenier, Nicolas Pure & Applied Science
Grenier, Philippe Health Science
Guevara Valencia, Sofia Social Science: Choice
Guilbault, James Pure & Applied Science
Gutierrez Salazar, Marco Alonso Health Science
Hassan, Dalia Health Science
Huang, Jia Wei Tourism Management
Huang, Yuan Bin Social Science: Commerce
Iacono, Agatha Social Science: Commerce
Jabbar, Abuzar Health Science
Jabbar, Zunaira Health Science
Jomphe, Emile Pure & Applied Science
Keller, Zoé Liberal Arts
Labonté, Marie-Eve Social Science: Criminology
Lachapelle, Alex Nursing
Lamontagne, Amélie Social Science: Commerce
Lasso Mendez, Juliana Health Science
Lebreux, Tom Computer Science
Leclerc, Romy Language & Culture
Leheta, Breanna Health Science
L’Heureux, Nasthazia Social Science: Criminology
Li, Jiayi Health Science
Li, Jimmy International Baccalaureate Science
Lin Poo Yuan, Angela-Sinlan Health Science
Lipari, Mario Pure & Applied Science
Maheu, Jessica Social Science: World Studies
Marinov, Hristo Evgeniev Health Science
Martinez-Alvarado, Lidia Caridad Advertising Management
Martins, Melissa Health Science
McRae, Valérie Social Science: Criminology
Migneault-Khoury, Christina Advertising Management
Miron, Alexandra Liberal Arts
Mokhtari, Kenzi Wassil Health Science
Moyen, Audrey Health Science
Nadeem, Lubna Social Science Criminology
Nahas, Carl Social Science Criminology
Ndayizamba, Alex Health Science
Newton, Liana Creative Arts, Literature and Languages
Nguyen, Jonathan Social Science: World Studies
Nguyen-Yang, Mila Social Science: Choice
Nica, Ioana Health Science
Pallikaris, Kelly Social Science: Psychology
Pantalone, Gianfranco Social Science: Choice
Papaioannou, Anthony Social Science: Commerce
Parent, Erika Social Science: Choice
Pereira, Natalia Carolina Social Science: Commerce
Péron, Kabrina Social Science: World Studies with Math
Perras, Stéphanie P. Social Science: World Studies with Math
Pouliot-Villeneuve, Sophie Social Science: Education
Proulx, Marc-Antoine Health Science
Rebernak, Nicholas Sport Marketing & Management
Romanelli, Serena Celeste Social Science: Criminology
Routhier, Justine Film and New Media
Sader, Rachel Social Science: World Studies
Schultz, Matheus Health Science
Seccareccia, Domenic Computer Science
Sharma, Apoorv Health Science
Shebaro, Mohamed International Baccalaureate Science
Soucy, Adèle Health Science
Stephens, Laura Health Science
Sylvestre, Daniel Pure & Applied Science
Syzonenko, Veronika Health Science
Tam, Kwan Ming Pure & Applied Science
Théberge-Dritsas, Nikolaos Creative Arts, Literature and Languages
Trotman, Isaiha Social Science: Criminology
Tudoran, Ioana Maria Advertising Management
Vaillancourt, Amélie Graphic Communications
Vasii, Bianca Maria Liberal Arts
Vermette, Marie Rose Creative Arts, Literature and Languages
Vigu, Stefan Health Science
Vo, Catherine Health Science
Vunvulea, Denisa Health Science
Yakub, Mehanaz Liberal Arts
Zabihian, Pouyan Pure & Applied Science
Zhang, Kerry Health Science