Dean’s List

The Dean’s List recognizes the academic excellence of Champlain College Saint-Lambert students who carry a full course load and who maintain an average of 90% or above in a given semester. Congratulations to the following students.


Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Dean’s List – Winter 2015

Ahn-Royer, Romy Social Science: Education
Ajit-Roger, Emily Nursing
Audette-Bourdeau, Rosalie Social Science: Criminology
Auguste, Victoria Social Science: Psychology
Bailey, Lin Social Science: Criminology
Beaudry, William Social Science: Commerce
Bergeron, Émile Computer Science and Mathematics
Bergeron, François Science: Pure & Applied
Bergeron, Véronique Legacy to Mobile
Bernard-O’Breham, Marie-Ève Health Science
Bevilacqua, Giuliana Social Science: Commerce
Blais, Antoine Health Science
Bouchard, Frédérique Health Science
Boulanger, Florence Social Science: Commerce
Bourcier, Alexandra Social Science: Commerce
Bourdeau, Laurence Social Science: Choice
Brault, Marie-Lee Social Science: World Studies with Math
Brouillette, Naomy Social Science: Commerce
Brown, Julie Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Caron, Gabrielle Health Science
Ceramella, Francesca Social Science: Education
Chan, Veronica Health Science
Charbonneau, Jean-Vincent Liberal Arts
Chassé, Philippe Social Science: World Studies
Chen, Anjellica Health Science
Chitta, Carla Ariane Social Science: Commerce
Coirazza, Alexie Diana Social Science: Commerce
Cotarla, Justin Science: Pure & Applied
Cotocea, Ioana Social Science: Criminology
Crépeau, Laurent Liberal Arts
Croteau, Laura Health Science
Czich, Christopher Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Dafoe, Sarah-Pascale Social Science: Criminology
Deragon, Valérie Health Science
Derriche, Nassim Science: Pure & Applied
Desîlets, Charles-Eric Social Science: Commerce
Di Fiore, Dominique Social Science: Commerce
Dietze-Hermosa, David Social Science: World Studies with Math
Dion, Raphaëlle Health Science
Dupuis, Sarah Social Science: Commerce
El Ouardi, Martine Social Science: World Studies with Math
Eufemia, Anna Health Science
Fang, Xue Yao Health Science
Finol Trujillo, Lucia Cristina Social Science: Commerce
Forget, Frédérique Social Science: World Studies with Math
Fortier, Claudèle Social Science: Commerce
Fortin, Camille Social Science: Commerce
Fortin, Marie-Jeanne Social Science: Psychology
Fovero, Sarah Social Science: Psychology
Froment, Marie-Ève Social Science: Criminology
Fuoco, Alessia Social Science: Psychology
Galarneau, Kevin Liberal Arts
Gauthier Clearwater, Summer Social Science: Psychology
Godin, Karl Computer Science and Mathematics
Gratton, Cassandre Social Science: Criminology
Gratton, Dominique Social Science: Commerce
Grenier, Nicolas Science: Pure & Applied
Grignon, Jasmine Social Science: Psychology
Guérin, Gabrielle Social Science: Commerce
Hamel, Alexandra Health Science
Higgins, Stéphanie Social Science: Commerce
Jabbar, Zunaira Health Science
Judge, Thierry Science: Pure & Applied
Kaller, Maxim Science: Pure & Applied
Kebli, Amina Social Science: Choice
Keller, Zoé Liberal Arts
Krajewski, Natasha Social Science: Criminology
La Rocque, Laura Health Science
Labbé, Mathieu Social Science: Commerce
Labonté, Marie-Eve Social Science: Criminology
Lacroix, Ève Liberal Arts
Lapierre, Guillaume Social Science: World Studies
Lasso Mendez, Juliana Health Science
Law, Jonathan Health Science
Leblanc, Julien Social Science: Commerce
Lee, Han Se Health Science
Legault, Cassandra Social Science: Criminology
Leheta, Breanna Health Science
Li, Jiayi Health Science
Li, Jimmy International Baccalaureate: Science
Liu Chen Kiow, Tricia Social Science: Commerce
Lore, Julian Science: Pure & Applied
Lothiaphing, Kellie Social Science: Psychology
Mackay, Taylor Social Science: Psychology
Mallette, Sarah Science: Pure & Applied
Marchand, Megan Social Science: Commerce
Marineau, Nicolas Social Science: Commerce
Marks, Céline Social Science: Psychology
Mascitto, Sarah Liberal Arts
Matte-Tarantino, Alexandra Graphic Communications
Mayrand, Carolane Health Science
McRae, Valérie Social Science: Criminology
Michaud, Etienne Graphic Communications
Mokhtari, Kenzi Wassil Health Science
Moresoli, Paola Health Science
Néron, Chloé Social Science: Commerce
Newton, Liana Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Nguyen, Élisabeth Health Science
Nica, Ioana Health Science
Orta Bracho, Adriana Maria Science: Pure & Applied
Parent-Lévesque, Jérôme Computer Science and Mathematics
Pelland, Janike Health Science
Pepiot, Madeleine Social Science: Education
Perras, Stéphanie P. Social Science: World Studies with Math
Plamondon, Alix Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Price, Audrey Social Science: World Studies
Proulx, Claudel Creative Arts, Literature & Languages
Raza, Nisa Social Science: World Studies with Math
Rehimini, Salma International Baccalaureate: Science
Ricard-Lacombe, Antoine Health Science
Rivas Ramos, Laleska Michelle Social Science: Commerce
Romanelli, Serena Celeste Social Science: Criminology
Roy, Evelyne Social Science: Psychology
Roy, Jonathan Health Science
Roy, Nicolas Social Science: Commerce
Sabsabi, Mahmoud Health Science
Sabsabi, Safa Health Science
Sauro, Alexandre Liberal Arts
Sauvé, Frédérique Health Science
Sharp, Véronique Health Science
Shebaro, Mohamed International Baccalaureate: Science
Squires, Shania Social Science: Education
Sylvestre, Myriam Health Science
Theriault, Megann Health Science
Thivierge, Audrey-Anne Health Science
Tran, Sylvie Graphic Communications
Trudeau, Félix Liberal Arts
Tudoran, Ioana Maria Advertising Management
Vermeil, Esther Social Science: Commerce
Wasef, Natale Badea Sa Health Science
Yu, Wen Di Social Science: Commerce
Zhang, Kerry Health Science
Zhang, Li Xin Health Science