Champlain College Foundation

The Foundation’s Statement of Purpose

 The Champlain College Saint-Lambert Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1986 to support the growth and success of Champlain College Saint-Lambert. Its mandate is to generate resources for the College to assist in its continued dedication to fostering the individual success of its students and their development as well-rounded, responsible and informed citizens of the world. The Foundation raises funds for a variety of College needs including capital improvements, new equipment acquisition, student awards and scholarships, learning resources, extracurricular activities and endowments.

Why Support the College

Champlain College Saint-Lambert strives to ensure that its students are at the front and centre. With your donation, the College becomes an even better education experience. By raising much needed funds other than those supported by government funding, the College will be able to succeed in its mission to foster the individual success of its students and their development as well-rounded, responsible and informed citizens of the world.

Foundation Directors and Members

  • Don Shewan, Acting President
  • Vince Amato
  • Paul Conway
  • Vincent Gagné
  • Georges Germain
  • Steve Hreha
  • Michael Newton
  • Ed Polak
  • Patrizia Polifroni
  • Terry Shields
  • Robert Taylor
  • Kevin Thornhill
  • George Wallace

Ethical Fundraising & Financial Accounting Code

The Champlain College Saint-Lambert Foundation Board of Directors has adopted Imagine Canada’s Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code as its policy. In so doing, members of the governing board commit to being responsible custodians of donated funds, to exercise due care concerning the governance of fundraising and financial reporting, and to ensure to the best of their ability that the organization adheres to the provisions of the Code.


Congratulations to the 2014 Scholarship Winners

Photo groupe etudiants v2On March 19, 2014, forty-two students shared $32,000 in scholarships for their exceptional academic performance. The recognition and encouragement of student achievement are at the very heart of the College’s mission. Best wishes for more success in the future!

Champlain College Saint-Lambert Foundation Scholarships

Entrance Scholarships valued at $750 are awarded to the student in each program who attained the highest average in high school. We congratulate this year’s winners:

TAYLOR     BERNSTEIN – Health Science
SARAH     MALLETTE – Pure & Applied Science
CAMILLE BOURBONNAIS – International     Baccalaureate Science
ÈVE     LACROIX – Liberal Arts
GABRIEL     BÉLANGER – Computer Science and Mathematics
CHRISTOPHER     CZICH – Creative Arts
CLAUDEL     PROULX – Modern Languages
EMILY     FROES – Social Science: Commerce Option
JEAN-LOUIS     BOMBO – Social Science: World Studies with Math
MARIE-JEANNE FORTIN – Social Science:     Psychology Option
NATASHA     KRAJEWSKI – Social Science: Criminology Option
ELIE CÔTÉ – Social Science: General
GUILLAUME     LAPIERRE – Social Science: World Studies
MELYSSA     BRAIS – Social Science: Education Option
IOANA     MARIA TUDORAN – Advertising Management
OLIVIER     CADOTTE – Sport Marketing & Management
MADISON     BELL – Graphic Communications
NATASHA IZAK-LÉVESQUE – Tourism   Management
VÉRONIQUE     BERGERON – Computer Science – Legacy to Mobile

General Education Scholarships

Candidates that have completed 3 semesters in their pre-university or 5 semesters in their technical program are eligible for these $750 scholarships. The successful candidate has achieved the highest academic average in the required General Education courses.

Congratulations to JONATHAN LUCUIX-ANDRÉ – Pre-University Program and GERARDO JOSÉ DIAZ AGUILUZ – Career Program

EXCELSO Scholarship

The Excelso Scholarship is given to the incoming student with the highest overall average from high school, selected outside of the pool of program-based entrance scholarship winners.

Congratulations to AUDREY-ANNE THIVIERGE – Health Science for winning this award.

Bourses d’excellence Desjardins

The Caisses Desjardins de la Rive-Sud de Montréal awards scholarships to students enrolled full-time in a program who have obtained the highest Cote de rendement collegial in the first year of their studies without any failed courses. Each award is valued at $750.

Congratulations to:

ROSALIE     ALLARD – Health Science
CLÉMENCE     THERRIEN – Social Science: Commerce Option
MARION     LEQUIENT –Modern Languages
SYLVIE     TRAN – Graphic Communications
VÉRONIQUE     SAAD – Social Science: World Studies with Math
MICHELLE     CHEN – International Baccalaureate-Science
ANDRES     DAVID VAZQUEZ – Computer Science – Legacy to Mobile
JONATHAN     LUCUIX-ANDRÉ – Computer Science and Mathematics
SARAH     MARY NELLIS – Tourism Management
DOMINIQUE     DEGRÉ – Liberal Arts
CATHERINE     DENIS – Social Science: General
THIBAUD     LAROCHE – Creative Arts
JUSTIN     MULFATI – Advertising Management
JÉRÉMIE JANOSZ – Social Science:   Criminology   Option
DIMITRI LEMIEUX – Sport Marketing   &   Management
COREY     STRAUB – Social Science: Education Option
JENNICA     SEGAL – Social Science: Psychology Option
CATHERINE     DAVRIEUX-FAILLE – Social Science: World Studies
ADRIAN     GAMMON– Pure & Applied Science




(Saint-Lambert, Quebec – July 8, 2013) The Champlain College Saint-Lambert Foundation’s 6th Annual Golf Tournament, Dinner & Auction Fundraiser exceeded event’s expectations once again

Thanks to the terrific turnout and our generous sponsors, the Champlain College Saint-Lambert Foundation was able to continue to raise the funds necessary to support students who need to buy groceries and pay rent to be able to carry on their studies. We are partnering with the Student Government to operate a food bank to help address this critical situation.

“It was another extraordinary day” said the tournament organizers. “The course was in excellent condition and all of the day’s scheduled events were all extremely successful, and everyone who attended had a fantastic time!”

A special thank you to all the volunteers for helping to ensure the continued success of this annual fundraiser event.